Fuck Yeah Ugly '90s Clothes!

Dec 08

So, three things:

1. I’m told that yesterday was “Bestie Day,” where we celebrate our beloved besties.

2. Today marks 21 years since my bestie Marissa and I went to see The New Kids On The Block in concert (yes, I remember the date — shut up) for the first time. The first show we were allowed to attend without parental supervision. Though Marissa’s dad drove us to and from the show and I’m certain my my mother had a quiet, motherly worry-aneurysm the whole time I was gone.

3. Christmas be comin’.

So, I’m going to address all these things in one post. New Kids performing their Christmas “classic,” …. “Funky Funky Xmas” live on Arsenio in 1991. I could post the actual album track, but it’s way more fun to watch them shake their booties on TV.

One question, though … where the fuck is Jon?

Oh well, he isn’t our favourite anyway. I love you, bestie!! <3

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    Jon was my favourite, so much older and refined. at least to my 12 year old self :p
  2. pennycollection said: Shirtless for Christmas? That is a BOLD CHOICE, Jordan. It payed off in tween screams though, I guess???
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  5. mamamuppet said: I just got a Donnie doll and vintage tee plus button from my bestie. It’s pretty epic.
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