Fuck Yeah Ugly '90s Clothes!

Jul 14

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t dig the heat, so summer isn’t my favourite time of year. Heat and humidity make me want to do NONE of the things. My apartment gets dirty and the laundry piles up and I just can’t muster the energy to give a shit. I can clean in the fall.

Which means I’ve let the blog get dusty again. I’d apologize, but the effort will probably make me sweat even more.

One of the few things I DO have energy for in the summer is drinking beer. Cold, delicious beer. So, I went out to do just that with my friend Allison yesterday afternoon. The first place we went to closes at 5pm, so after a coupla of brewskies, we settled up our tab and went around the corner for a snack and a final pint.

That’s where I saw these magnificent tables. Decoupage ’90s gold. Urkel and NKOTB and the Hammerman and omg, did anyone ever own one of those insane hair irons? I want pics if you did.

These tables belong to the fabulous Cardinal Rule restaurant in Toronto, right at the foot of Queen and Roncesvalles. Their chili fries were excellent.

And thanks to the staff, who responded positively to my rather manic request to take pictures of their tables.

  1. ohenieledam said: Recognized those tabletops right away. Fuck yeah to you (one of my favourite Tumblrs) being in Toronto, too!
  2. taigasrandomshit said: i mever had the shape-welding crimper plates; but i DID have the curling iron with the spiral, triangle, and flat angle barrels. PS these tables rock.
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    Yo, I love this place sooo much. It’s a great place to have brunch with friends and make sure to order the mini pitcher...
  7. sippin0nsunshine said: omg I have one of those. I lost all but the crimping attachment to it. It’s around here somewhere I just can’t find it..it’s a purple conair like this one: t1.gstatic.com/images?…
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