Fuck Yeah Ugly '90s Clothes!

Jan 19

Submissions link is working again

So, I get a message from @Genzgirl asking me where my submission link is. And I’m like


What do you mean you can’t find my submission link? I changed my theme a couple of months ago and haven’t really fussed with it since. So I go over to check it out and sure enough, no submit link. I’m like


Because I love submissions and had been wondering why they were way down, like, non-existent, but figured people just weren’t interested.

Even though I have the submissions thing enabled, I guess my stupid theme didn’t support it, but my theme on FYAwesome90sStuff did support it. So people were able to sneak in that way. So I’ve reverted back to my old theme until I can figure out something better.

So, please submit! And I am an idiot for not noticing this was a problem for all these months.


Thank god I have you guys to keep my shit in order. Thanks @Genzgirl!

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